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We are licensed by the Federal Government to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. We have represented clients through examinations, collections, and appeals for over 30 years.



Returns are audited for many reasons. The first, and most common reason, is that you were randomly selected. The second reason is your DIF Score. Your return will be evaluated based on your "DIF" score, a set of IRS formulas known as the "Discriminate Function System." About three-quarters of all returns audited are selected by the DIF computer, which compares deductions, credits, and exemptions with the norms for taxpayers in each income bracket.


While these formulas are kept very secret by the IRS, you can count on having a higher audit probability if you fall into certain categories or report certain things on your tax return.


Anybody who has ever dealt with IRS collections knows that it is far from a pleasant experience, even in the best of circumstances. You may not even owe the money. However, never ignore any correspondence you receive from them. This will only escalate their collection efforts. If you have ignored them and they have either levied the money from your bank, garnished your wages of filed a lien against you, contact our office. On a daily basis we deal with the IRS and can help you get the levy or garnishment stopped. We can help get the lien lifted if it is unjust or negatively affects your ability to make a living.

If you do owe the IRS money and cannot pay right away, or there is some doubt to the amount owed by you, or your circumstances have changed and you would never be able to pay the debt, contact our office. If it is a matter that you need to make payments over a period of time we can easily set up an installment agreement on terms you can live with. Far from the television ads making empty promises of reducing your debt to pennies on the dollar, we are very successful in limiting your debt. Based upon the circumstances, we can limit you debt to a manageable amount. If you have suffered health problems or other special circumstances that limit your ability to pay the debt today or anytime in the foreseeable future we can get it limited to pennies on the dollar.

The important thing is for you to contact our office and talk to our trained staff as soon as possible after receiving IRS collection correspondence, or if you suspect you will soon be subject to collections. The earlier we know the circumstances, the better service we can offer you.

What should you do if you receive an
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An IRS examination is not something you should handle yourself. You should hire a tax professional to represent you. If you were in a legal battle, you probably would not represent yourself. The same is true with IRS matters.

If we represented you, we would handle the matters with the IRS, and you would not be present. We do this for several reasons. The main reason is that we are professionals and are very comfortable with the IRS, and audits in general. In our experience, most taxpayers that are audited are frightened of the IRS, and may say or do something that they shouldn’t.

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